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Learning Canadian Payroll

Learning Canadian Payroll

The following courses are offered in cooperation with the National Payroll Institute.

Learn Canadian Payroll I
This course provides an introduction to the payroll function. Learn about establishing the employee-employer relationship, hiring a new employee, employment standards requirements, taxable benefits and allowances along with the payroll practitioner's key role in withholding statutory deductions from employment income. Learn about processing and reporting requirements, and the payroll practitioner's key role in statutory withholding and remittance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify concepts of the roles and responsibilities of payroll compliance
  • Identify whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor
  • Describe basic employment standards
  • Recognize common taxable benefits and allowances
  • Understand the basic concepts of payroll deductions
  • Calculate manually to produce a net pay
Course Outline

Learn Canadian Payroll II
Learn Canadian Payroll II expands on the concepts from Learn Canadian Payroll I by exploring more complex processes and government requirements. This interactive, exercise-based seminar covers the fundamentals of irregular payments, government remittance and reporting, along with basic termination information and how to complete the ROE.

Learning Objectives:

  • Calculate and produce irregular payments using the bonus tax method
  • Best practices and procedures for correcting payroll
  • Identify, classify and calculate statutory remittances to Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec
  • Describe, categorize and evaluate other government reporting such as health taxes and workers compensation premiums
  • Determine the termination notice based on province of employment
  • Prepare the Record of Employment (ROE) form
Course Outline

Canadian Taxable Benefits & Allowances
This course will show you how to avoid the most common compliance issues found in the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Revenu Qu├ębec (RQ) audits. Throughout this course, an additional focus will be placed on one of the most common audit issues: excluding taxable benefits and allowances from employment income.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize taxable benefits
  • Understand sales tax issues
  • Understand automobile benefits and allowances
  • Identify other benefits and allowances
Course Outline

Canadian Pensions and Retirement Plans: Payroll's Responsibility
Employer-sponsored savings plans such as Registered Pension Plans (RPP) and Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP) provide employees with an automatic way to save for retirement while benefiting from tax breaks. Employees who participate in these programs essentially receive free money as their employers offer matching contributions.

It is crucial to both employers and employees that this is administered accurately. To maintain the tax-deferred savings status of an employer-sponsored plan, it is essential that both federal and provincial legislation be followed. If not followed, it could result in under or over contributions.

Payroll professionals play an important role in the administration of employer-sponsored plans. Our expert instructors will show you how to administer employee contributions through payroll deductions, monitor contribution limits, correct errors, exceptions, year-end reporting, and much more. The benefits of these savings plans go beyond just administration, as payroll's efforts play an important role in the current and future financial well-being of all employees.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe plan types and features
  • Manage contributions and payroll withholding
  • Correct contribution errors
  • Determine the impact of leaves of absence on plan contributions
  • Coordinate year-end reporting
Course Outline

Canadian Terminations
In a termination situation you have to know what to do, step-by-step to minimize termination liability and comply with legislation. At the same time, the whole process has to be handled with great care. This seminar will equip you with the knowledge and tools to successfully administer, supervise and oversee a termination of employment – taking into consideration employment/labour standards, human resources issues, types of payments, retiring allowances and the Record of Employment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Complying with employment/labour standards
  • Resolving human resources issues
  • Administering payments on termination
  • Paying retiring allowances
  • Providing records of employment
Course Outline

Canadian Employment Standards
This course will take you through a comprehensive review of both federal and local employment standards in Canada so you can navigate them with confidence and help your organization follow legislated requirements.

You will leave the course with an in-depth understanding of all aspects of employment standards - federal and provincial employment standards legislation, along with the latest updates and tips on how to navigate the complexities of current legislation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what employment standards are
  • Recognize hours of work, overtime, and rest periods
  • Identify paid and unpaid leave, vacation, and holidays
  • Discover termination requirements, including the payment of wages on termination and severance pay
  • Understand recordkeeping requirements
Course Outline

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These seminars provide opportunities to ask questions, network with other professionals, and learn from best practice examples. Valuable take home materials are included with each course.

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Each class is presented on two days from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. EDT
Learn Canadian Payroll I
24CP101V – Days: Tuesday & Wednesday, 16-17 July 2024, Register by: 8 July 2024
24CP102V – Days: Wednesday & Thursday, 25-26 September 2024, Register by: 17 September 2024
24CP103V – Days: Thursday & Friday, 21-22 November 2024, Register by: 13 November 2024
Learn Canadian Payroll II
24CP201V – Days: Wednesday & Thursday, 3-4 April 2024, Register by: 26 March 2024
24CP202V – Days: Tuesday & Wednesday, 23-24 July 2024, Register by: 15 July 2024
24CP203V – Days: Wednesday & Thursday, 21-22 August 2024, Register by: 13 August 2024
24CP204V – Days: Thursday & Friday, 28-29 November, Register by: 20 November 2024
Canadian Taxable Benefits & Allowances
24CP401V – Days: Thursday & Friday, 18-19 April 2024, Register by: 10 April 2024
24CP402V – Days: Thursday & Friday, 20-21 June 2024, Register by: 12 June 2024
24CP403V – Days: Thursday & Friday, 17-18 October 2024, Register by: 9 October 2024
Canadian Pensions and Retirement Plans: Payroll's Responsibility
24CP301V – Days: Wednesday & Thursday, 12-13 June 2024, Register by: 4 June 2024
24CP302V – Days: Wednesday & Thursday, 2-3 October 2024, Register by: 24 September 2024
Canadian Terminations
24CP501V – Days: Wednesday & Thursday, 17-18 April 2024, Register by: 9 April 2024
24CP502V – Days: Thursday & Friday, 15-16 August 2024, Register by: 7 August 2024
24CP503V – Days: Wednesday & Thursday, 9-10 October 2024, Register by: 1 October 2024
Canadian Employment Standards
24CP601V – Days: Thursday & Friday, 11-12 April 2024, Register by: 3 April 2024
24CP602V – Days: Wednesday & Thursday, 10-11 July 2024, Register by: 2 July 2024
24CP603V – Days: Thursday & Friday, 26-27 September 2024, Register by: 18 September 2024
24CP604V – Days: Wednesday & Thursday, 13-14 November 2024, Register by: 5 November 2024

Who Should Attend

  • New staff with no or limited exposure to Canadian payroll and junior payroll staff
  • Practitioners returning to the Canadian payroll field
  • Other professionals who have functional responsibility for Canadian payroll (bookkeepers, accountants, and HR professionals)
  • Suppliers providing Canadian payroll services to corporate customers.

Delivery Options

Virtual Classroom to be delivered through the National Payroll Institute (NPI) platform

Credit Information

For each course: earn up to 7.5 Recertification Credit Hours (RCHs) or 0.75 Continuing Education Units (CEU) when attending this course. Not Eligible for CPE credit.

System Requirements

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