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Guide to Federal and State Garnishment Laws, 2024 ed. Online
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The Guide to Federal and State Garnishment Laws gives you the information you need to confidently process federal and state wage withholding orders, including child support withholding orders, federal tax levies, student loan garnishments, federal and state agency debt collections, and bankruptcy orders, while also complying with federal and state laws restricting certain deductions. This text also features easy-to-read charts covering state-specific requirements for child support withholding orders, creditor garnishments (e.g., income executions, wage attachments), tax levies, student loan garnishments, and voluntary wage assignments.

Topics Include:

 • Federal and state tax levies
 • Child support withholding orders
 • Creditor garnishments
 • Student loan garnishments
 • Voluntary wage withholding orders
 • Bankruptcy orders

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